Cleaning Services



  1. Initial walk through to point out areas of concern and prepare your home.
  2. Break Down the Soil and Spots.  We don’t use harsh chemicals that will damage your carpet.
  3. We then give A Little More Agitation. An important step in loosening stubborn soilds from carpet fiber.
  4. Move Furniture- We have a special tool to safely move most furniture to make sure it is clean underneath.
  5. We give Special Attention to Your Edges and Corners.
  6. We operate our Rotary at Low-Pressure Steam Extraction – By using low pressure, neutral PH steam rinse, combined with rotary extraction, the carpet is rinsed gently, but thoroughly.
  7. We Put Your Home Back in order – We will put your furniture back in place so you don’t have to.  Then we place protective blocks or tabs beneath to prevent stains.
  8. We take great pride in our work, so we inspect our results, looking for areas that may require additional attention.

Tile & Grout


  1. We select the appropriate cleaning product according to the floor surface type.  We will point out the cracks or chips for your attention.
  2. We start with the worst area to identify whether the grout was sealed or deeply stained.  We will pre-clean the sample area to determine your expectation. 
  3. Please understand no cleaning can remove deeply set permanent stains. 
  4. We use nontoxic cleaning solutions to safely loosen, break down and elevate deeply embedded soils to prepare for the next step clean.
  5. After we exposing soils  we use special grout brush and machine to loosen even more soils and dirt’s.
  6. We apply cleaning solution to material.
  7. We give ample time for cleaning solution to work their magic.  This step let the cleaning solution settle into the soils and break into washable particles. 
  8. We apply hot, high pressure solution powered by our powerful truck mounts with agitating brushes that safely power washes and immediately extracts the soil laden water away.  This powerful step, on the contrary creates no mess, and your floor can dry within minutes.